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July 12-16 2021 we orginizing a amazing anahatha yoga beach retreat in Zandvoort. We sleep in this simple but lovely Villa near the beach were we will have our healthy meals.

We will be playing a lot on the beach or having lovely walks in the dunes. This is one of the most beautifull area's of Holland. It is a blessing to be here. 

Twice a day we have a yogalessen. In the evening we will do a meditation or other gathering. I hope we will chant at least one night with proffesional players.

If you want more info email me:


12 JULY to 16 JULY 2021

Costs: Full - Pension

Privite room: € 625,-

Shared room - only 2 persons: € 450,-

All the rooms use a shared bathroom

The location is quite spacios and the group will contain maximum 8-10 people.  

We hope to have a international group. You don't need to be a sporty type, join what you like. Be free with an open heart, feel free and connect. 

With love, 

Anahatha yogi Diane 

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